4 Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Travel Plans

If warmer weather and being cooped up for the past year have you itching to take a vacation this summer, you’re not alone. At the same time, planning an extravagant summer trip can be difficult when you’re on a strict budget. Our team at Key Credit Repair has some practical tips and tricks to help you stretch your dollar with these 4 ways to save money on your summer travel plans.

1. Forego the Hotel

Depending on where you’re traveling, a hotel room can easily cost around $100 per night. That can quickly add up, especially if you’re planning a longer trip. This is where it may make financial sense to book a vacation rental or explore other accommodation options. If you’re traveling with a larger group, for example, consider booking a vacation rental through a site like Airbnb.

By splitting the cost with others in your group, your rental can work out to be less than the cost of a hotel room. Plus, your rental will probably have a full kitchen (as well as other amenities), which could save you money on food.

2. Explore Free Entertainment Options

Many museums and some other tourist destinations (such as art galleries and even zoos) offer free admission on certain calendar days. If you have a little flexibility in your scheduling, consider at least partially planning your vacation around these days. By doing so, you can save a decent chunk of change in your entertainment budget!

3. Research Toll-Free Routes

If you’ll be driving to your destination rather than flying or taking another form of transportation, make sure to research your route options ahead of time. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may find yourself facing hefty road tolls along the way that can add up quickly. Most toll roads, however, have workarounds that can help you cut down on fares or even avoid them altogether without adding a significant amount of time or hassle to your trip. Using a free app like Google Maps can help you find route options that avoid toll roads.

If paid roads cannot be avoided altogether, you might be able to save on your tolls by purchasing a toll road pass ahead of time.

4. Know When to Book Your Flight

If you’ll be traveling by plane, you can save a pretty penny by simply knowing when to book your flight for the best rates. According to a U.S. News and World Report article, the best time to book a cheap flight is about seven weeks before your trip (and even more specifically, on a Tuesday afternoon). You may also be able to save on your airfare by flying during the middle of the week rather than on a weekend.

The Bottom Line on Budget-Friendly Summer Travel

Traveling on a budget doesn’t have to mean cutting corners; by following these simple tips, you can make the most of your summer vacation without going broke in the process! Looking for more advice on improving your finances? Explore our blog and contact our team at Key Credit Repair to learn more about our services!