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About Us

Our Mission

Key Credit Repair puts the consumer back in the driver’s seat and gives them the tools needed to dispute credit reports and take back control of their credit!

What We Do

We help our client fight inaccurate credit items. We provide unlimited item programs and we dispute credit report items in writing(NO SHORT CUTS)!!!

When you first applied for something on credit, you imagined what it would be like. Your new home, new car or even a new credit card for that new purchase. You were excited. But your dreams quickly ground to a halt when you were turned down because of something that didn’t belong on your credit report. That’s where we can help.

Not All Credit Repair Companies Are The Same

After 12 years and thousands of clients, we’re more than just a credit score repair company. We’re YOUR credit repair experts. We help people whose inaccurate credit reports are holding them back from the life they deserve. We love our clients and we’re blessed to be able to be here for you during this challenging time.

We started this company when we saw that people in our community of Dorchester, Boston were being under served when trying to repair their credit. Our team of credit score repair experts, help each and every client individually to take the next step towards credit freedom. Other “companies” were taking a hefty fee each month but only doing a small amount of work. They did this to drag out the process and to make the clients pay thousands of dollars unnecessarily. So we decided to change things! We decided to offer our clients an option to fix an unlimited amount of inaccurate items, for one flat monthly fee that never needs to be paid up-front. There are no setup or sign up fees and our first payment is ONLY charged after we complete your first work. This means that our clients can get the credit score they deserve, sooner rather than later. There are no short cuts at Key Credit Repair. When we dispute credit reports, every item is challenged in writing. Those other “companies” have opted for online disputes that forfeit your rights. Those services rob you of the protection from having the item re-inserted onto your credit report after deletion and appealing an item if you receive an unfavorable response.

The Difference

We offer a free consultation that ensures we can spend time understanding each inaccuracy on your credit before we dispute your credit report.  We thoroughly explain how our process works and if everything sounds good, we can get started the same day without any payment. The other “companies” make you sign up online without ever looking at your credit report to see if you’re a good candidate. Your credit matters to us.

So if you have low credit scores and you want to see how we can help, get a Free Consultation now.

Referral Based with Free Credit Repair Option

We’re a referral based company that doesn’t rely on fancy ad campaigns and TV commercials. We work with you one-on-one to make sure you’re happy and hitting all your goals. We also offer you the best credit repair referral program available anywhere. We have thousands of clients that have never paid a cent for credit repair.

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