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Key Credit Repair Affiliate Program

For additional info: Email: Jake Schneider, Affiliate Manager at JSchneider@keycreditrepair.com

Are you a marketing, finance or real estate professional? Do you come across consumers each day that can’t get approved for financing or even worse, only qualify for sub-prime rates (because of low credit scores)? If you answered yes to all of the above you may qualify for our affiliate program.

How does it work?


When you come across someone that needs help fixing their credit you can refer them to Key Credit Repair and earn a commission. You can generate referrals via social media, email, seminars and networking. You can either ask your referral to contact our team and mention your name, submit your referrals contact information in our partner portal or supply your referral a custom link for a landing page that we will create for you. Anytime someones fills in a request for a free consultation from this dedicated page we will automatically notify you to track your referral’s. progress.

How can I track my referrals and commissions?

Super Easy….

First, we will set you up in our affiliate portal. The portal gives you extensive tracking of each and every referral you send over. In addition we will assign an affiliate manager that will handle sending you reports for each of your referrals. They will be your “go-to” person. They can send you any status report you’d like as well as commission reports.

Do you help with marketing?

Kind of….

Remember, you’re the “marketing” affiliate. So, we expect you to be doing the marketing and referring. But, we will help you with a whole bunch of tools including custom landing pages you can use, marketing materials and best practices of other successful affiliate partners.


FREE SEMINAR. Anytime you’d like to put on a seminar we will gladly come in and teach your crowd the ins and outs of great credit. Our course curriculum is by far the “best in the business”. We will supply the marketing material, teach the course and then promote your affiliate partnership to your attendees. We’ve hosted seminars of all shapes and sizes and they’ve been absolutely life changing for our students. In addition, a good course can results in a massive cash windfall as most course attendees sign up for credit repair. It’s a win for you, the attendee, and for us. Keep in mind the presentation and marketing materials for a seminar are free but you would be responsible for the cost of travel(if outside of New England), meals, accommodations and the space fees to put on the event. Also, keep in mind our owner, Nik Tsoukalis does each seminar himself so plan in advance. Our seminar schedule books up quickly.

How can I sign up?


We will reach out to you for an interview. If approved you you get loads of goodies to make the referral relationship a massive success.

For additional info: Email: Jake Schneider, Affiliate Manager at JSchneider@keycreditrepair.com

**Commission payout subject to first payment approval. If client first payment refunded or charged back a deduction will apply to following months commissions.

Key Credit Repair reserves the right to cancel affiliate relationship at any anytime without notice.

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