Black Friday – Why Don’t You Buy Nothing

Black FridayYou see it on the news every year: people dash off after Thanksgiving dinner — or, skip it altogether — to wait in epically long lines to vie for the latest gotta-have-it gadgets. Black Friday sales days get bigger every year, with more people turning out to buy, buy, buy.

This usually turns into a hefty credit card bill that you’ll still be paying off after many of the gifts you buy start to collect dust. And, worst of all, surveys of prices show that Black Friday sales are usually not even the lowest prices of the seasons.

As the consumer frenzy approaches, consider a different option — Buy Nothing Day. This is an annual “culture jam” protest originally organized by the folks at consumer awareness group AdBusters. The most basic way to participate is to make a pledge to do no shopping at all on the business shopping day of the year.

But, many people take it much further in kookie and fun ways. Many people share leftovers and good times at Buy Nothing parties throughout the world. Others take a more direct approach and head to the malls, not to shop, but participate in costumed Holiday Shopper Zombie Walks.

If credit card debt has been a problem of yours, Buy Nothing Day could be one answer. By taking one day off, you can kick start a smaller, less spendy Christmas.

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