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Credit Inquiry Removal

Key Credit Repair – Unauthorized Credit Inquiry Removal; Proven Results

A new credit inquiry is an important factor affecting your credit score. It comprises 10% of your credit report, i.e. all information about your hard credit inquiries can be taken into consideration to determine the FICO score. Too many inquiries showing up on your report can negatively impact your creditworthiness because it implies a lack of borrower’s reliability or financial stability. Furthermore, a single credit inquiry can cost up to 5 points on your report! And you never thought hard inquiries could have any impact on your credit report!

Credit Inquiry Removal Service

Do not let too many credit inquiries affect your credit score in the long run. Get professional credit inquiry removal service from Key Credit Repair. We have a team of highly experienced inquiry removal specialists who leverage industry-proven practices to remove credit inquiries in a fast and efficient manner. Depending on the level of credit report damage, we provide customised services and pricing with positive results.

Fast & Effective Hard Inquiries Removal

Your core objective is to meet your financial goals in an effective manner. If a poor credit score is hindering you from achieving your goals, we can take care of the same with dedicated inquiry removal services. We ensure fast and reliable results so that you can get back to your financial track and build credibility once again.

100% Inquiry Removal

No advertisement gimmicks, no fake promises! We are capable of removing your hard credit inquiries. And you pay only for inquiries we are able to remove.

Inquiry Removal in Days, Not Months

Have you been struggling for months and yet could not get hard inquiries removed from your credit report? It is important to know here are most inquiries remain on your reports for two years and getting them removed needs time and diligence. However, our vast industry experience enables us to remove all inquiries within 15-30 days depending on the number of inquiries and the credit reporting bureau.

Key Credit Repair provides a credit inquiry removal service for all three major credit bureaus and with proven results.

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