Good-Will Intervention-Asking Nicely will Help Improve your Credit.

Your Credit Minute Show Notes:

  • 00:00                                   What’s up guys? This is Nik Tsoukales with Key Credit Repair. Today we’re going to talk about something a little outside of the box, something a lot of people really aren’t talking about in the credit repair field, um, and it really is a creative way to help you start repairing your credit. Okay?
  • 00:15                                   So, obviously, we get the question a lot. “Late payments. Late payments. What do I do with my late payments? I can’t get them off. I can’t get them removed.” Um, well there is a way to get this done. Okay? Keep in mind, one of those ways is by challenging the data. Okay? Is it verifiable? Is it accurate? If it’s not, it’s gotta go. Okay? Being persistent with your attempt at getting these things removed when they can’t be verified, when it’s garbage. Okay? The item shouldn’t be on your credit report.
  • 00:44                                   Well, let’s say, you’ve have some siter, some sort of minor blip with a company. Okay? They placed the late payment on your credit report, but really is more for technical reasons that it was late. Maybe one of their systems wasn’t working, but the account did, in fact, go late. You don’t have much you can necessarily challenge. Well, what do you do then? Okay. The, we got a question, actually, yesterday from a client who’s dealing with some student loans in this way. Where there’s really more of a technical issue that created the lates.
  • 01:09                                   The lates were, in fact, lates. Okay? The money didn’t get to them on time. But really, should that affect their credibility? And that was kind of a question mark? Um, also, this outright disputing the account really hasn’t worked, um, for this client. They’ve actually attempted to do it themselves. And they wondered what is a plan B? And that’s what I want to lay out for you guys, which is something, again, a little outside the box. Okay?
  • 01:35                                   And what we’re going to talk about here is something called a good will intervention. Okay. We are taught to fight, we are taught to never surrender, we are taught to go after the big, bad credit agencies and our creditors. We’re taught to take ’em down, right? But you don’t always have to. Sometimes, you can actually ask nicely. Okay? If you’ve had a really good run with a creditor, um, a bank, a lender, everything’s been going well, but because of some sort of technical issue or something really in the gray, a late was incurred, okay, you don’t necessarily need to challenge their record. What you can do is you can challenge the creditor to be nice to you, in the form of something called a good will intervention.
  • 02:22                                   And what a good will intervention really is, asking the creditor to remove the late out of their good will. Okay? Understanding that the issue was really technical and has nothing to do with your credibility. Okay. This is an option in the way we help clients all the time, when the late isn’t something they really agree with, but it’s not necessarily black and white. Where instead of just challenging the record, disputing it outright, when that’s really not the way to do it, um, we’re asking the creditor politely, “Hey, can you make this adjustment? This didn’t, in fact, uh, uh, really feel like it should be a late payment, and it’s something that’s really fallen into a gray area.”
  • 02:57                                   So a good will intervention is a great way to approach this. And it’s extremely effective. And, if a company’s doing really good business with you, okay, and you’ve been a client of theirs for a long, long time, they’re really going to want to help expedite you. They’re really going to want to help, uh, accommodate you when, uh, when a mistake like this happens, from whether it’s their fault or yours, long as your in agreeance that you were, uh, actually, in fact, able to make that payment, um, and that there is not effect in terms of credibility here.
  • 03:25                                   So good will intervention is going to be the way to go, guys. There’s a lot that goes into this, so keep in mind, something you definitely want to speak to one of our credit experts about. I really wouldn’t go at this specific approach alone, okay? Letters gotta be written a certain way, um, you want to appeal to them a certain way, so I would definitely, um, this is not one of those do-it-yourselfer tips. I would reach out to one of our credit experts. You can click on one of the links below. There’s probably a few consultation link below, or learn more link below, if this is on Facebook. Or you can check us out at\freeconsultation. Give us a call. Ask specifically about the approach with the good will intervention, and we’ll discuss it with you and see if that’s actually something, uh, that is an option for you. Because we don’t want to just start doing this stuff blind.
  • 04:11                                   Guys, this is Nik Tsoukales with Key Credit Repair. Have a great day.