How to Choose A Credit Repair Service – Tips

Unlike many of our competitors we have a process of filtering each and every new prospective clients to make sure that they can benefit from our service. Everyone with a low credit score wants to repair their credit and a low fee of $99/month is very desirable but the reality is that not everyone is ready. We provide our clients with a money back guarantee so we want to ensure that our clients will absolutely benefit from our service.

Many times our clients need to pursue other options:

-Debt Settlement
-Credit Counseling
-etc, etc, etc…..

When you inquiry with our company the first thing we will tell you is to hold the specific questions about your scenario until we have a chance to review the report with you first.. We take our time with the prospective client to better understand their goals and to better and more strategically come up with an action plan to repair their credit.

If we cannot help we will give our prospective client an action plan outside of our service including any necessary referrals.

With that said..Slow down. When comparing credit repair companies don’t just compare the website and the fees. Compare the information that you get in the consultation. This is typically the true indication of what the company is capable of.

p.s. If you find yourself knowing more than the credit repair consultant you’re speaking to about your report. Hang up. The most important part of the process is getting a “Credit Repair Expert”, not just a great sounding program.

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Nikitas Tsoukalis, President

Credit Repair Company