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Does Running Your Credit Hurt Your Score?

What does a strong credit profile look like?

The Do’s/Dont’s During the Mortgage Process

Can I Ever Buy A Home Again After A Bankruptcy?

Score is below 600, Can I Get My Credit Back On Track?

BBB Features Key Credit Repair

Check out this interview with our President and CEO, Nik Tsoukalis by the BBB.

“Meet Mike”

Mike is on a mission to purchase a home for his family and he won’t let something silly like a FICO score slow him down….

How To Prepare Your Credit Before Purchasing A Home

Better Business Bureau Interview with Key Credit Repair

Real Estate Radio Network

Hosted by Chris Devin with Special Guest Nik Tsoukalis, President of Key Credit Repair

Chris & Nik talk the 3 C’s of Credit Reporting.


Real Estate Talk Boston

Hosted by Chris Devin with Special Guest Nik Tsoukalis, President of Key Credit Repair

Credit & Debt Scams? There are many great programs to choose from to deal with debt and credit repair. It’s not so much a matter of avoiding a scam. Regulation by the FTC and the CFPB has done a great job of weeding out the “bad apples”. Now, it’s more about avoiding the gimmicks, getting the most for your money and making sure that the program you are signing up for is the right one for your specific scenario. Listen to some great ways to choose what is right for you…..

The 7 Keys to 700+ FICO Great info for those looking to get over the 700 mark!

“Pay down your cards”

“Pay on-time…everytime!”

“Don’t close out credit cards accounts”

“Set up Auto-Pay”

“Monitor your credit”

“You need credit to get credit”

“Challenge questionable records”

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