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Thanks Sheri!!

I want to personally thank the team at Key Credit Repair for resolving the issues with my credit. I have always had stellar credit, and one small bill that was lost in the mail almost kept me from buying a home. I was referred to Key Credit Repair through my mortgage company and within two weeks of speaking to Nikitas, the deliquancy was removed from my credit report and my credit went from 692 to 802. I am now able to purchase a new home and even better, receive the best rates on the market. I couldn’t have tackled the credit agencies alone and will certainly refer key Credit anyone that has issues with their credit. Thank you again.


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Taking on Credit rating Repair service By yourself (Just what To Do And What Not To Do).

If you have just recently been rejected for a lending, or for a brand-new charge card, you may need credit history maintenance and repair. Being denied credit history is typically the outcome of a bad credit record, which can take place in two conditions. You have either managed your credit rating improperly, which has actually reflected in your credit report; or your credit report file has some incorrect items, thus negatively influencing your guide. In either scenario, it is vital that you embark on credit repair service as soon as possible.


Below is a strategy to help with your credit rating maintenance and repair. You could do this by yourself and can thus repair your credit free of cost.

-> Demand a copy of your credit history record from any kind of one of the 3 credit agencies. You will certainly be offered the report for cost-free if this is your very first request of the year.

-> Once you have your record, analyze it carefully. You need to examine all the access as well as mark all those which are incorrect as well as which are harming your credit report worthiness.

-> After you have figured out the incorrect entrances, you need to get in touch with the credit reporting firms and also inform them to remove the incorrect entrances from your guide.

-> Also if there are some correct entries in your credit record, but these are adverse in nature, you can still acquire them removed. This would certainly go a lengthy means in making certain credit history repair. There is a certain time limit for which adverse entrances can stay on your record (often in between 7 and also 10 years). You must compose to the credit history bureaus to remove the negative items from your guide if such time limit has passed.

-> Ensure that all your correspondence with the credit companies and firms is through signed up mail. By doing this, you have proof of your demands and when exactly you launched the process of your credit report repair service. Keeping a record will likewise help you in situation any sort of removed access is re-included in your guide anytime in the future.

-> Within 30 days, some activity ought to have been taken pertaining to the wrong choices on your report. If the credit rating agencies determine that the entries were in fact wrong, they will certainly eliminate it from your record, therefore causing the credit report repair service that you wanted.

In situation the matter is not solved to your satisfaction, you ought to continue challenging the choices on your report till such time that credit history maintenance and repair has definitely happened.


Individuals whose credit history is low or who have a bad credit history guide frequently attempt hopeless methods to mend credit rating and also therefore end up hurting their credit even more. A lot of the info offered on credit report maintenance and repair as well as credit history report maintenance and repair informs you what to do to restore excellent credit history. We will certainly inform you about some of the factors that you need to NOT do in order to fix bad credit report.

1. Submit Segregation: Several credit rating repair work firms tempt folks with the untrue assurances of bad credit maintenance and repair by telling them that they could develop a new credit report file for them by providing them a new identification. This is referred to as documents segregation. You require to recognize that such a process is not lawful and can even place you behind bars if you attempt to segregate your credit rating file to fix bad credit rating. Thus, no matter what any credit rating repair work company informs you – factors like you will not manage to get any type of loans or perhaps a credit card for the following few years, or that you will certainly not have the ability to get a task etc; under no conditions must you consent to the procedure of data partition to mend bad credit report.

Deleting accurate info from credit rating report: Some credit report maintenance and repair agencies make cases to people that they could repair credit history by acquiring exact details of a negative nature deleted from their credit reports, thus boosting their credit rating. Thus, you need to not trust anyone that informs you that they can fix bad credit rating by taking out adverse items from your credit rating record.

3. Development Repayments: No credit report repair work agency is legitimately allowed to request advance repayments. They could only bill for solutions that have currently been offered and not beforehand. Hence, you must NOT be absorbed by any company that wishes higher development repayments.

Folks whose credit rating rating is reduced or that have a bad credit record commonly try hopeless means to fix credit rating and also therefore finish up injuring their credit report even more. Many of the information available on credit rating rating maintenance and repair and credit guide repair work tells you exactly what to do to recover good credit. File Segregation: Several credit history repair firms draw individuals with the false guarantees of bad credit repair service by telling them that they can create a new credit history file for them by providing them a new identity. Thus, no matter what any type of credit history repair work business informs you – things like you will certainly not be able to get any type of finances or also a credit report card for the next couple of years, or that you will certainly not be able to obtain a work etc; under no circumstances need to you concur to the process of documents partition to fix bad credit rating.

Removing accurate info from credit guide: Some credit history repair work firms make claims to folks that they could repair credit history by acquiring precise info of an adverse attributes erased from their credit history guides, thus enhancing their credit history ranking.