How to Spot a Fraudulent Credit Repair Service – Education

If you are working toward a home purchase, it’s important to get your credit into the best possible shape. Credit repair companies can help, but, you need to pick one that will do the work that you want. There are, unfortunately, many unscrupulous agencies making promises that make oversized promises or ones that charge far more than they should. Here are some warning signs to look for when looking for a company to help you fix your credit:
  • They promise they can erase a bankruptcy. No company can erase a legitimate negative issue with your credit. If you encounter a company that promises that they can make a bankruptcy go away, they are not telling you the truth. Only time and responsible credit management can remove a bankruptcy from your credit history.
  • They say they can eliminate debt. No company can erase a debt that you legitimately owe. It is legal and possible to get erroneous accounts removed and to negotiate settlements. However, there is no magic wand that will simply make legitimate debts disappear.
  • They promise a new credit identity. If someone promises you a clean, new credit identity, they are breaking the law. When a company promises this, what they give you is a number that looks like a Social Security number. However, it is in reality an Employer Identification Number that has specific legal uses. It cannot be legally substituted for a personal Social Security number, and anyone who says that it can is putting you in danger of breaking the law.
  • They tell you to lie on credit applications. This is something that can leave you with expensive fines or worse and no honest company would do that. If you encounter a company that encourages you to be dishonest when applying for a home loan, do not do business with them.
  • They fail to explain your legal rights. When dealing with credit repair agencies, you have a few specific rights under the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). For instance, you have the right to cancel the service within three days without being charged. You have the right to know, in detail, what services they are offering. You are entitled to know how long the process will take. Any company that refuses to supply this sort of information is in violation of federal law.
  • They try to charge you before they’ve done anything to help. The CROA also forbids charging for credit repair before services have been rendered. If a company is looking for money in advance, this is a good sign that their service is a scam.

If you encounter any of the red flags above, walk the other way. These are clear signs of an expensive and ineffective credit repair scam. When it comes time to fix your credit so that you can move forward with home ownership dreams, entrust your financial future to a company that is reliable, trustworthy and has your best interests at heart.

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“They are Awesome! Extremely professional and I felt like I had a partner helping me, not a business. I cannot say enough about how they listened and helped me thru every step. I absolutely will recommend them to anyone having credit issues. They can truly help turn your credit around, and change your life for the better!!”

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BBB Review 6.18.13 – Reviews

Better Business Bureau

“I am very satisfied with the service I received from Key Credit Repair. My credit report history has been completely cleaned within 3 months. I had incorrect and old accounts information with the 3 main credit bureaus that needed to be reviewed or removed. The personal involvement of Nikitas Tsoukalis (the owner of this business, I assume) and all his team since the very beginning of the process has been essential for me to feel comfortable and put all my trust in this credit repair provider. That trust has been kept and even progressively improved along the process. I have always received good/relevant information, and experienced fast support/replies. This is a secure and very serious way to conduct businesses. I strongly recommend it. Thanks so much for your help!!!”


More Tip on How To Fix Your Credit

Repair Your Credit rating By Adhering to These Simple tip

Bad credit rating does not take place overnight; it takes a while for the missed settlements to pile up. So when they do accumulate and also you’re left with a bad credit rating, it can take some time to sort everything out. Utilize this guidance to take care of your situation as well as make inroads right into the trouble.

A crucial suggestion to consider when functioning to mend your credit is to ensure that you just acquire choices that you REQUIRED. This is exceptionally vital because it is really simple to buy products that either make us feel comfy or far better concerning ourselves. If it will aid you reach your goal, re-evaluate your scenario and also ask yourself before every investment.

It is a bad idea to intimidate credit rating companies that you are attempting to negotiate with. You might be angry, however just make risks if you manage to back them up. Make certain to behave in a collective manner when you’re handling the debt collection agency and also creditors so you can negotiate with them.

You can evaluate your credit history guide for free of cost annually from the 3 credit agencies. Having the wrong information on your credit report can ruin your rating, or cause you to be rejected for a lending.

It is important to have 2 major credit card accounts open as well as reflected on your credit history guide. These accounts need to likewise have all the available credit history still on the cards. Having 2 significant charge card shows partnerships with Credit-card business, and as a result, without these relationships or with more than 2, you are considered a credit rating danger.

If you are struggling to make the repayments on your existing home loan, think about considering the option of funding modification. In a lot of cases a lender might have the ability to lower the interest rate that you had actually initially settled on. This process made use of to be just for houses that were in risk of repossession yet several lending institutions are now extending this solution to many others.

The better your credit report is the better prices you are getting from your insurance policy company. Pay your bills punctually each month and your credit score will increase. Decrease the amount of money that you owe on your charge account as well as it will increase even more and also your costs will decrease.

If you do not recognize why you have bad credit, there could be errors on your report. Get in touch with an expert who will be able to recognize these errors as well as officially fix your credit report record. Make certain to take action as soon as you believe a mistake on your record.

The globe provides little compassion for folks who have bad credit, that’s why it’s so essential that you take the necessary action to repair your credit report as soon as possible. Make use of the information you discovered right here to repair your credit score completely as well as get out of debt altogether.

An important pointer to think about when working to fix your credit is to be sure that you just get things that you NEED. It is a bad suggestion to threaten credit history companies that you are trying to function out a bargain with. You can access your credit history guide for totally free yearly from the three credit bureaus. It is crucial to have two major credit report card accounts open and also reflected on your credit record. Having 2 major credit rating cards shows relationships with Credit-card companies, and also consequently, without these relationships or with more compared to 2, you are watched as a credit report threat.