Credit reporting and background check agencies have a massive amount of power over our lives. They don’t just have an impact on whether or not we get a new credit card. They can affect where we live, where we work and how much we pay for things like car insurance. But, as John Oliver recently described on his show Last Week Tonight, they are not always used in a way that is fair to consumers.

How the Big Three Credit Agencies Affect Your Life

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion all market their services beyond individual consumer credit. TransUnion explicitly states that their reports allow employers to make quick, efficient decisions about who to hire. Experian advertises that their scores can predict whether a prospective employee will be able to handle company funds responsibly.

Why Their Rulings Can Be Unfair

Half of all consumer debt is medical debt. These sorts of debts can often be large and not a strong indicator of how responsible a person is.

While credit reporting agencies advertise that their services can help employers pick responsible candidates, there is little data to back up the assertion that a person’s credit score is an indicator of their trustworthiness on the job.

Errors Abound

And, around 25% of consumers have errors on their reports. One in twenty had serious errors that would cause people to pay more than they should for everything from car insurance to a mortgage on their homes. In real numbers, that translates to 10 million people with severe errors.

Credit bureaus can make errors that can significantly impact your life. In one case, credit bureaus had erroneously labeled a man a terrorist. A woman who was trying to buy a travel trailer learned that the credit bureaus listed her as deceased. Still another woman took six years and a federal lawsuit to get negative entries that were clearly erroneous off of her report.

Last year, GIS and their affiliates had to pay out $13 million in fines and damages. The three credit bureaus have been the subject of the greatest number of complaints to the CFPB.

Getting the Credit You Deserve

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the three major credit bureaus are required to give you a free copy of your report every year. However, if you discover an error, it can often be difficult to get these errors removed from your reports.

Background check companies are also required to give copies of their reports once a year. But, the background check companies do not keep ongoing records. They usually only generate a report when someone like a potential employer or landlord requests one. And, many companies will not sell you your own report so that you can check it for errors. You’ll only know that there was an issue if what is on your report costs you a job or a place to live. The FTC admits that there is no national list of background check companies and thus no comprehensive tool for oversight.

We have years of experience dealing with the intricacies of credit repair. If you feel that there are errors on your credit report that are keeping you back, contact us to find out how we can help you correct the problems and unlock your opportunities.

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How Does Credit Work?

Credit history Rating Scale: Exactly how It Is Done and also Just what It Does To You

The original credit scoring formula was created by Fair Isaac & Company, or FICO as they are referred to. Today there are hundreds of different algorithms that calculate risk but FICO is still the primary company. Below you fill find some “ins and outs”. If you find this a little confusing I would suggest a call into our team. Let us break down how these factors affect your score.

Your credit rating record is an essential record that lenders, particular property managers as well as specific firms will take a look in order to determine your reputation. For financial institutions and credit card companies, they take a look at your credit rating past in order for them to establish if you are an individual that pays bills punctually. This implies that when you secure a credit rating or a lending card, banks, lenders, and bank card companies will certainly determine if you will be accepted for the funding or the credit card or not by just examining your credit past as well as having a look at your credit report.

It is really essential for you to understand exactly what a credit report rating in fact implies to you and your future. Not lots of Americans understand exactly what a credit rating is. A bad credit report score will certainly mean the rejection of acquiring accepted for a phone line in your very own house.

Of all, lenders, such as financial institutions, lenders, and the credit card company will certainly make records regarding your credit report history to credit reporting companies. If you do not pay your expenses punctually, the lenders will certainly be making adverse guides and send them to credit report reporting firms. This will injure your credit history.

It is crucial for you to keep in mind that your credit rating isn’t static. Your credit report score or your credit history rating adjustments all the time.

You can purchase it via the three major credit bureaus in the United States if you don’t know just what your credit report score is. The credit card guide can be gotten for free each year. You could buy all of it simultaneously in order to compare it as well as detect some mistakes that might be harming your credit score.

By doing this, you will certainly have the ability to examine your credit report before you secure a credit or a lending card. This will certainly additionally add to a bad credit record if you used for a credit history or a loan card if you have a bad credit history score.

So, it is extremely important for you to learn about your credit report prior to you even think of making an application for a loan.

Constantly remember that having an excellent credit history will certainly suggest getting great apartments, acquiring several of the fundamental needs, such as a phone line in your house, acquiring the most effective finance bargains, as well as obtaining the best bank card deals.

By having a great credit report, you will increase your opportunities of getting financings and other economic possibilities that could cross your road in the future. Constantly keep in mind that your credit history indicates a lot in today’s society. Maintaining a good credit report ranking nowadays is a must.

For bankings as well as credit report card business, they look at your credit record in order for them to identify if you are a person that pays costs on time. This implies that when you apply for a financing or a credit card, financial institutions, creditors, and credit rating card firms will certainly identify if you will be authorized for the financing or the credit rating card or not by just examining your credit rating past and also taking a look at your credit rating rating.

Of all, creditors, such as financial institutions, lenders, and also the credit report card business will certainly make guides regarding your credit report past to credit reporting agencies. Your credit report rating or your credit history score changes all the time. If you do not understand exactly what your credit history score is, you can order it with the 3 significant credit history bureaus in the United States.

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