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Your credit doesn’t just matter when you want to borrow money; it has an effect on how and where you earn it, too. Many employers do credit and background checks before making a decision to hire. In some cases, they wish to ensure that you are being truthful on your resume — not surprising, as almost half of all resumes contain at least one instance of someone stretching the truth. In others, the job may require security clearances, and they want to make sure that you qualify for them. Many employers also want to see a good credit rating, since many people believe that it correlates with reliability and good job performance.

What Can Employers Look At?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) dictates what can be included in a background check. Reports are truncated so that medical billing is obscured; the reason for this is medical privacy laws. An unaltered credit report could inadvertently reveal private medical history that can cause discrimination. Employers need to get your permission before viewing your credit history.

As part of a background check, most companies will also want to verify your employment history. While this can sound intimidating, it usually just involves checking your references. This is done to make sure that the dates that you provided match up with what the employer hears when they check back with the references you listed.

In some cases, employers will also want to check your criminal history, usually in security-related jobs. Some states only allow employers to look back a set amount of years, others have records that are more open. If you are applying for a security-related position, you will generally need to submit to a check of your full criminal history.

How to Make Sure Your Background Check Brings Back Your Best You

The first step to take is to always maintain good relationships with at least a handful of people at each job. Connect on sites like LinkedIn so that you can find each other in the future to provide employment history verification for one another.

Next, pull your credit record so that you have an idea what a potential employer will see. Get inaccurate negative items removed. For everything else, provide an explanation that potential employers will see when they look at your report. This shows that you are conscientious and working to fix past errors.

If youthful indiscretions have left a criminal record or two, find out about having those records sealed or expunged. The process can take some time and some money, but, this is often made back in future earnings that you may not have access to otherwise.

By ensuring that your background check presents the best possible version of you, you increase your chances of landing the job that you want and open up your financial future.

What is an FHA Loan? – Tips

When you start shopping for a mortgage, the number of types available can almost be overwhelming. If you have gone through a bankruptcy or foreclosure or if you don’t have a lot saved for a down payment, one option to explore is an FHA loan.

What Is an FHA Loan?

FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Authority. The program was established in the 1930s in response to the massive number of foreclosures that occurred during the Depression. The guaranteed loans meant that lending was less risky for banks and mortgages more accessible. Since the loans are backed by the federal government, they are less risky for lenders. These loans can be a good match for people who have recently gone through credit repair. They require lower down payments and even people who have had serious credit issues such and bankruptcies and foreclosures can be approved.

What Are the Benefits of an FHA Loan?

An FHA loan requires only a 3.5% down payment. The money for the down payment can be a gift from a friend or relative, which can be a boon to young first-time buyers. FHA loans are often available even to people who have had bankruptcies or other credit issues.

Another interesting benefit of an FHA loan is that it is an assumable loan. What that means is that, when selling a house, the next owner can simply pick up payments where the last owner left off. This can make the house more desirable to buyers if you ever choose to sell.

Are There Drawbacks to an FHA Loan?

While FHA loans have a lot of qualities that make them an attractive home purchase option, there is also one big potential drawback to this sort of loan. Because an FHA loan has more lax requirements, it comes with hefty insurance payments.

To get an FHA loan, you’ll need two types of insurance. The first is an upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) that is equal to 1.75% of the mortgage. This is either paid at closing or can be added to the loan amount. The second is an annual mortgage insurance premium which is paid monthly. The cost of this insurance varies depending on the term of the loan and how much you are borrowing.

Do You Qualify for FHA?

FHA borrowers have to meet a number of requirements. Some are very rigid, but others can be worked around if the lender has justification. A few key qualifiers:

  • You must be over the legal age to sign a mortgage in your state and have a valid Social Security card.
  • You must be steadily employed. For the FHA, this usually means that you have been with the same employer for two years or more or that there are no gaps in your work history.
  • To qualify for the 3.5% down payment, you need to have a credit score of 580 or better.
  • You need to be two years out of bankruptcy and three years out of foreclosure.

FHA loans make home ownership a much more attainable dream. When looking for a loan, check all your options to find the one that works best for you.

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90% of negatives deleted

“I had a credit problem so I went on line and found Key Credit Repair. They did a great job they worked with all three credit bureaus. They stayed on top of all my debt issues that were in question. I stayed with them for about five month’s that’s how long or short depending how you look at it took to clear up 90 percent of the items that were affecting my credit. I was very pleased with the work they did. I recommend Key Credit to anyone who needs to fix their credit problems.”

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Reviews and Testimonials – BBB

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“They are Awesome! Extremely professional and I felt like I had a partner helping me, not a business. I cannot say enough about how they listened and helped me thru every step. I absolutely will recommend them to anyone having credit issues. They can truly help turn your credit around, and change your life for the better!!”

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Better Business Bureau Reviews

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“I was referred to Nick by a very   good friend of mine to help me clean  my  credit because I needed to  get approved for mortgage. Nick and  his team worked diligently to make  sure that they did everything possible to eliminate as many negative elements as they could. My credit score has approved big time since I started working with them. It went from high 500s to 700s. I am very happy with the result. I recommend this company to everybody who wants to improve their credit.”

More on How To Legally Repair Your Credit

The best ways to Boost Your Credit report Record Legitimately If you have a history of late repayments, accounts payable, or accounts sent out for collection, your credit rating document will certainly suffer. A bad credit record offers you a low credit history and makes it tough for you to obtain required credit history or financings for factors you truly need. Your credit rating past history Many every little thing you finish with credit, both good and bad, is reported to a credit history reporting company. A past history of paying late, or not paying whatsoever, is sent out to credit rating reporting agencies. Liens, personal bankruptcies and also judgments additionally discover their means to your credit history guide as well as hurt your credit ranking The good news is that good info is additionally sent out to credit report reporting companies. To monitor your credit rating standing, you ought to review your credit rating record anyway as soon as annually. You can remedy errors as well as clean up any wrong info that might be on your guide. Assessment your credit history record and also proper mistakes. Ways to boost your credit report ranking. Right here are some of the most effective means to enhance your credit report rating: Late repayments really injure your credit history standing. It is best to pay the whole equilibrium on your credit history cards each month. Do not review your credit line. Some credit cards allow you to look at your credit line. They often bill you extra in fines for doing so. Along with paying penalties, examining the limit hurts your credit history. It mentions to companies that obtain your credit rating guide that you aren’t observing the limits of your account. If you don’t surpass your credit limit, you will not need to pay penalties. This permits you to pay your balance down quicker. Cancel some of your bank card. Having lots of credit cards can injure your credit report. When you get brand-new credit history, the business checks your credit history record. One of the important things they try to find is the amount of your combined credit limits are as well as the amount of you owe. As you get closer to your credit line, your credit history goes down. Securing great deals of credit cards lowers your credit score. One bank card and also a department store or fuel credit card is all you really require. Cancel the others. Offer straight with lenders. Some companies (financial institutions) you owe cash to could want to take negative details they stated off of your credit rating guide if you pay some or every one of the cash you owe them. Financial institutions have to state settlements you make, however they are not needed to take unfavorable info off your report unless they agree to do so. You will certainly have to consult with each creditor separately to view just what, if anything, they are willing to do. Obtain their promise in writing before you pay if a creditor concurs to take information off of your record in exchange for full or component payment. If you pay the balance, even without an agreement, they must upgrade your credit history report to mirror a paid-in-full status. If you discharged debts in personal bankruptcy, those items could still be included in your credit record. Avoid Scams Credit repair work business promise to enhance your credit report. They might likewise assure to obtain you a credit or a lending card. They lead you to believe that they have unique means to obtain adverse details off your credit report. They do not. Credit rating repair companies have no special powers to improve your credit history. There is absolutely nothing they can do for you that you can not on your own. Paying them leaves you less money to pay your previous debts as well as present expenses. Rigorous regulations were passed to manage their activities considering that of the issues with credit history maintenance and repair companies. They should provide a written contract that you could cancel within 5 days. They can not call for settlement ahead of time and all guaranteed services have to be completed in 90 days. They should additionally register with the Division of Justice and also submit a $100,000 bond with the Assistant of State. Understand that very few credit history maintenance and repair companies adhere to the law. Many every little thing you do with credit history, both great and also bad, is stated to a credit reporting company. Bankruptcies, liens and also judgments additionally discover their means to your credit guide as well as hurt your credit score To keep track of your credit history standing, you ought to access your credit history record at the very least once each year. Some credit report cards enable you to go over your credit report limit. When you apply for new credit report, the company checks your credit rating guide.

788 Fico Score – Before and After

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I want to personally thank the team at Key Credit Repair for resolving the issues with my credit. I have always had stellar credit, and one small bill that was lost in the mail almost kept me from buying a home. I was referred to Key Credit Repair through my mortgage company and within two weeks of speaking to Nikitas, the deliquancy was removed from my credit report and my credit went from 692 to 802. I am now able to purchase a new home and even better, receive the best rates on the market. I couldn’t have tackled the credit agencies alone and will certainly refer key Credit anyone that has issues with their credit. Thank you again.


More About Credit Restoration

Taking on Credit rating Repair service By yourself (Just what To Do And What Not To Do).

If you have just recently been rejected for a lending, or for a brand-new charge card, you may need credit history maintenance and repair. Being denied credit history is typically the outcome of a bad credit record, which can take place in two conditions. You have either managed your credit rating improperly, which has actually reflected in your credit report; or your credit report file has some incorrect items, thus negatively influencing your guide. In either scenario, it is vital that you embark on credit repair service as soon as possible.


Below is a strategy to help with your credit rating maintenance and repair. You could do this by yourself and can thus repair your credit free of cost.

-> Demand a copy of your credit history record from any kind of one of the 3 credit agencies. You will certainly be offered the report for cost-free if this is your very first request of the year.

-> Once you have your record, analyze it carefully. You need to examine all the access as well as mark all those which are incorrect as well as which are harming your credit report worthiness.

-> After you have figured out the incorrect entrances, you need to get in touch with the credit reporting firms and also inform them to remove the incorrect entrances from your guide.

-> Also if there are some correct entries in your credit record, but these are adverse in nature, you can still acquire them removed. This would certainly go a lengthy means in making certain credit history repair. There is a certain time limit for which adverse entrances can stay on your record (often in between 7 and also 10 years). You must compose to the credit history bureaus to remove the negative items from your guide if such time limit has passed.

-> Ensure that all your correspondence with the credit companies and firms is through signed up mail. By doing this, you have proof of your demands and when exactly you launched the process of your credit report repair service. Keeping a record will likewise help you in situation any sort of removed access is re-included in your guide anytime in the future.

-> Within 30 days, some activity ought to have been taken pertaining to the wrong choices on your report. If the credit rating agencies determine that the entries were in fact wrong, they will certainly eliminate it from your record, therefore causing the credit report repair service that you wanted.

In situation the matter is not solved to your satisfaction, you ought to continue challenging the choices on your report till such time that credit history maintenance and repair has definitely happened.


Individuals whose credit history is low or who have a bad credit history guide frequently attempt hopeless methods to mend credit rating and also therefore end up hurting their credit even more. A lot of the info offered on credit report maintenance and repair as well as credit history report maintenance and repair informs you what to do to restore excellent credit history. We will certainly inform you about some of the factors that you need to NOT do in order to fix bad credit report.

1. Submit Segregation: Several credit rating repair work firms tempt folks with the untrue assurances of bad credit maintenance and repair by telling them that they could develop a new credit report file for them by providing them a new identification. This is referred to as documents segregation. You require to recognize that such a process is not lawful and can even place you behind bars if you attempt to segregate your credit rating file to fix bad credit rating. Thus, no matter what any credit rating repair work company informs you – factors like you will not manage to get any type of loans or perhaps a credit card for the following few years, or that you will certainly not have the ability to get a task etc; under no conditions must you consent to the procedure of data partition to mend bad credit report.

Deleting accurate info from credit rating report: Some credit report maintenance and repair agencies make cases to people that they could repair credit history by acquiring exact details of a negative nature deleted from their credit reports, thus boosting their credit rating. Thus, you need to not trust anyone that informs you that they can fix bad credit rating by taking out adverse items from your credit rating record.

3. Development Repayments: No credit report repair work agency is legitimately allowed to request advance repayments. They could only bill for solutions that have currently been offered and not beforehand. Hence, you must NOT be absorbed by any company that wishes higher development repayments.

Folks whose credit rating rating is reduced or that have a bad credit record commonly try hopeless means to fix credit rating and also therefore finish up injuring their credit report even more. Many of the information available on credit rating rating maintenance and repair and credit guide repair work tells you exactly what to do to recover good credit. File Segregation: Several credit history repair firms draw individuals with the false guarantees of bad credit repair service by telling them that they can create a new credit history file for them by providing them a new identity. Thus, no matter what any type of credit history repair work business informs you – things like you will certainly not be able to get any type of finances or also a credit report card for the next couple of years, or that you will certainly not be able to obtain a work etc; under no circumstances need to you concur to the process of documents partition to fix bad credit rating.

Removing accurate info from credit guide: Some credit history repair work firms make claims to folks that they could repair credit history by acquiring precise info of an adverse attributes erased from their credit history guides, thus enhancing their credit history ranking.