Best Credit Scores – Top 10 Cities

It’s no secret that your credit score is the lifeblood of financial potential, at least when it comes to borrowing money. And it might not surprise you to learn that credit scores are often reflective of where you live. For instance, communities with high-income, well-educated professionals are more likely to have higher average credit scores than those to the contrary.

Certainly, there’s a lot more that dictates a credit score, and living in the aforementioned areas doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a great score, but we thought it would be fun to take a moment to examine the top 10 cities in America with the best credit scores, according to CBS Money Works:

Top 10 Cities with the Best Credit Scores

10. San Mateo, CA: With a score of 708, this northern California city close to San Francisco meets the “high income” criteria often associated with better credit scores. Credit repair consultants may not have a lot of business out in the Bay area.

9. San Ramon, CA: Another suburban San Francisco city, the average score in San Ramon is a solid 709.

8. Davis, CA: It must be something about California and high credit scores. Davis, a northern California city near Sacramento, has a 710 average credit score.

7. Arlington, VA: With a plethora of federal agencies and big businesses, most residents of Arlington, Virginia are well educated. That helps explain the 714 average credit score.

6. Redmond, WA: Redmond isn’t Silicon Valley, but it is a big tech town with an educated population. Hence its 715 average score.

5. Bellevue, WA: With median home values of over $660,000, this suburb of Seattle requires a good credit score and high income level for home ownership. That’s where the 716 average score comes to play.

4. Sunnyvale, CA: Back to California we go for No. 4 on this list, which has an average credit score of 719. Like others on this list, Sunnyvale is another big tech town with a well-educated population.

3. Cambridge, MA: It’s probably a good bet that the city that plays host to Harvard and MIT would have pretty financially savvy residents. It does – the average credit score is a cool 725.

2. Mountain View, CA: And we’re back in California for the runner-up, as Mountain View clocks in with an average score of a whopping 741. It’s another big tech city, but we’re starting to think there’s something in the water out there in Cali. Either that or people are just really responsible with their finances.

1. Cupertino, CA: We stay in California for the city with the best credit score, as Cupertino takes it with an average 742 mark. Another big tech city, Cupertino is perhaps best known as the home of Apple.