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Key credit repair is outstanding. They are fast to respond and efficient. They have done all the work I was seeking from them. Thank You again to key credit repair.

by Mikaele on 9/7/2016

It’s took three months to clear up my disputes. I’m pretty amazing with this guys. I will recommend key credit repair to peoples that need help fixed they credits .

by P. H. on 9/20/2016

Key Credit Repair was awesome, they did much more than they promised and got my credit score up by 61 points with all three credit reporting agencies. They replied to all my inquires in a timely manner. If you have questions about your credit reports and need help. Call and Sign up with them.

by P. H. on 9/20/2016

I signed up with Key Credit Repair in June and my credit scores were all fair, I thought I would never see the day my credit reaches excellent but, one score has with the help of this team’s expertise and professionalism they provide to their clients. One score reflects a good score and the other still needs improvement. Overall, I believe the other 2 scores will also rise to be excellent. If you don’t have patience then this, wouldn’t be a good program for you, fixing your credit takes time and it won’t happen overnight. One must have patience and let the team work for you. They will get you the results in time. I really appreciate all they have done and will continue to do in the next 8 months. I am planning to buy a house in 2018 and I am feeling very confident that my scores and credit history will help me tremendously when applying for a home loan.

by Lawrence on 11/18/2016

Key Credit Repair is one AMAZING company to do business with!! ***** ******* is beyond professional!! Let me just start out by saying.They have not only fixed my credit they have changed my world by the outstanding work they have accomplished on my credit report and it’s such a pleasure to work with them and such a beautiful feeling to have come to a company for help and they go over and above for you to make sure that all your needs and wants are taken care of and with that being said Key Credit Repair I just want to thank you for all the hard work and time that you have put into me regarding my account. ***** ******* you are the best it comes. No one can do a better job than Key Credit Repair!!! AWESOME!!!

by Nick on 10/25/2016

The service they offer is unreal. About a year ago I had a credit score under 650. They have been working hard to help rebuild my credit to what it is today. I’m over a 750 and now don’t have any problems getting credit cards and loans. I truly thank you key credit repair!

by Frankie on 10/15/2016

Five star, all the way! Worth every penny! Thanks for making all my dreams come true!

by John on 9/28/2016

Just a few years ago in 2014, I was in the mid-500s. That was when I first signed up for their service. Within a month or two I was in the 600s. Able to get a few credit cards. Finally got a truck financed in 2015. Here I am a few years later and am hopefully about to sign my first mortgage, with a score in the 680s. All thanks to the help from Key Credit Repair! I would recommend them to ANYONE who is struggling with old negative accounts on their reports!

by Ebo on 9/28/2016

Dear Reader, It is my absolute pleasure to let you know that “Key Credit Repair” team has worked tirelessly to fix my not so great credit. Their true professionalism and willingness to extend their hands, minds, and ears to any issues I have been be facing concerning my credit issues surprises me. I am not used to being treated efficiently, professionally, and effectively. Not once my phone call has not been returned. All the staff members put your skeptical mind at ease with their honest and genuine answers. My credit has been increasing rapidly. I am happy to say that I placed my problem and trust in their hands in return which they have nurtured wholeheartedly. (Thank you for all of your hard work and cannot wait to see the result of your finished effort.)

by Alex on 9/6/2016

I began the program 08/05/16 and my score has gone up 13 points with the removal of several items that were disputed. Thus far, the company has began to show me results very quickly, compared to other agencies that I have tried in the past. I am hoping to continue having a positive experience, so that I may be able to purchase a home in the near future.

by Cameron on 9/2/2016

Key Credit Repair reviews

Nik and Co did an excellent work. I truly appreciate it. My credit was in 500’s. Now, it’s high 700’s. I’d recommend Key Credit Repair to everyone!!! Thank you so much, guys!

by John Diamond on 9/7/2016

I use for a short term and they re build my credit, I’m very happy as customer and I encourage to take action if you’re looking to someone to take care of your business in a quick time and with professionals.!

by Andy Damian on 9/7/2016

I an so happy!!! All of our negatives are gone in about 60 days!! I would recommend this company to anyone. I see a new house next year as soon as we rebuild our credit a bit. Thank you so much!!

by Lynn Parsons on 9/7/2016

Like your work you do for customers. Customer service very nice and ready to work with you. Key Credit Repair is the place to be if you want to improve your credit. Very trust worthy…

by Charles on 12/5/2016

I had a minor issue with my credit that ended up having an oversized impact on my ability to purchase a house. Key Credit Repair did all the work and cleared it up for me so I could refinance and get a much lower interest rate! I really appreciate what they did and would recommend this company to anyone who is in need of help with their credit.

by Chris on 22/10/2016

“Key Credit Repair” team has been helping me tremendously with my credit building process. They have cleared 95% of my bad postings and will continue till the result of their works is 110%. Even then they assured me that they will monitor my account to see nothing will be reported negatively. I cannot ask for a better assistance from anyone even from my mother. I love their professionalism, willingness to help anytime, and patience with the most complicated of issues. If you do not believe what I write see for yourselves and prove me right.

by Joe on 26/09/2016

I want to thank all the people at Key Credit Repair for the professional service and all you guys did for me. I appreciate the hard work and diligence your staff provide me with . Always with a smile and never felt like a bother or inconvenience to you . Also I want to thank Anna Wawrzak she was so pleasant and helpful. She made my day and answer all my question and concern. I really appreciate all she did and Key Credit repair customer service. I feel like you guys are top shelf in your field . And I want to thank you for getting me back to respectability and my credit and out of a hole .

by James on 06/09/2016

Four months ago I hired Key Credit Repair to help me with building my credit score. In this very short time they were able to get 85% of the negative items removed with all the three of the credit bureaus, as well as give me many tips on what I need to do now and in the future to keep my credit score strong. I have three-hundred customers of my own. With that said, when it is my turn to be a customer I expect the kind of service that I provide to my customers who depend on me. Finally, I can say as a customer, that Key Credit Repair has “exceeded my expectations” as a customer. If you are looking for a company with great employees that “say what they do and do what they say”, look no further than Key Credit Repair!!!

by Steve on 03/09/2016

Well I dont even have word’s to say but I’m very thankful… I didn’t think this service would work I though they just wanted my money…. Come to found out 25 days latter it works 🙂 🙂 my credit report was updated july 4th something told me to check to see what’s going on so I did that and my score went from low 400 too 674 just in 25 day will never forget that 4th of july but if your looking for a good credit repair cant go wrong with key credit repair 🙂

by Smith on 03/09/2016

I cannot thank Key Credit enough for their help with getting a wrongful judgement removed from my credit report. Every time I’ve called or emailed them they’ve always had an answer and been more than helpful with everything! Their knowledge is so great about credit and how all of this stuff works! I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with anything on their credit!

by Kirsten on 09/11/2016

Google reviews

Nik at Key Credit does a phenomenal job. He is a true expert when it comes to credit, credit score and credit restoration. Just look all over the internet and find his educational blog posts and videos

by Paul Paquin. on 9/20/2016

They are great great customer service and helping me every way they can special thanks to tamia thank you !!

by Heather Muth. on 9/20/2016

Absolutely amazing 🙂 My credit is low but they are in the process of fixing it cant wait for the outcome . Highly recommend them !!! Dont think twice just do it

by Gena Centeio. on 9/20/2016

Nik at Key Credit does a phenomenal job. He is a true expert when it comes to credit, credit score and credit restoration. Just look all over the internet and find his educational blog posts and videos.

by Paul Paquin on 25/11/2016

I had to improve my credit after having to settle on a few outstanding debts, I received Key Credit Repair’s information and was at first skeptical…but to my delighted surprise after a few months, Key Credit Repair was able to fix my score and now I’m up over 700. The service is inexpensive and whenever you call you get to talk to someone on the phone and the service is incredible. In addition, they make sure they contact you at least once a month to update you on your status. I have recommended them to a few of my friends.

by Peter on 14/11/2016

What a wonderful experience working with Key Credit Repair! With their help, my credit score made a huge jump. This company offers excellent customer service. Everyone i dealt with was knowledgeable, professional and ready, willing and able to help. I highly recommend Key Credit Repair.

by Joe on 18/10/2016

I cannot thank you fine people enough. From the professionalism I received to the day-to-day communication – I always felt like I was your only client. I just want to commend you and your staff for an unbelievable job. Now I can go and get my car loan- yes!!

by Todd on 11/10/2016

Very pleased with the work that Key Credit Repair Team did to improve my credit score. I could follow all the actions they were taking and the progress with the results by signing in with my account on their website. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing credit score issues.

by Vadim on 07/10/2016

One of the best experience! They perform on time! and I got what they promise. I highly recommend KEY CREDIT REPAIR.

by Jonathan on 02/10/2016

I would and I have recommended Key Credit Repair to so many different people. Nik has brought the reality of my goals so much closer quicker than I ever thought possible.My credit score jumped up 150 pts in 1 month!!!! And Nik is the best…he’s very personable yet professional and he’s HONEST!!!! Trust me it’s worth it!

by Mary on 02/10/2016

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The customer service was out of this world good! The client rep that I’d spoken was very detailed in explaining to me the areas that needed most attention and how the program works. I was impressed!

by Gena Centeio. on 9/20/2016

Key Credit Repair has great customer service! They work hard to make their customers feel valued.

by Caitlin . on 9/20/2016

Thanks to credit repair I was able to finally get the new car I’d been needing to get out of my old unreliable one!

by Angelia on 28/11/2016

I wanted a new car but my credit was holding me back, my brother referred me to KCR and now I am driving a brand new car! Thanks, Key Credit!

by Aggie on 21/11/2016

Key credit repair really saved me from my past credit mistakes! Because of them I got great financing to buy a new car!

by Matthews on 11/11/2016

Key Credit repair helped me out of an endless cycle of debt and credit card issues, and thanks to all of their hard work, I was recently able to put a down payment on the house I’ve always dreamed of! Thank you!

by Jackie on 23/10/2016

They were able to remove all the negative items that were damaging my credit score for years in only 5 months. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help repairing their credit.

by Dimitra on 23/10/2016

The information was extremely useful and the quick turnaround time was impressive. I would highly recommend using the services.

by Jim on 17/10/2016

Facebook reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for your help got me and my wife into a nice house with a really great interest rate even after I had a bankruptcy a few years ago. Thank you so much..

by Sonny Malonen. on 9/20/2016

Great experience with the staff. The members are very friendly and quite professional. They do their job perfectly. When I signed up in March, my credit was so poor that I couldn’t even get an apartment. Today, I just got approved for a home loan. I strongly recommend them!

by Usman Gabriel Lugard. on 9/20/2016

was referred this Key Credit Repair company from a client of mine and all I can say is “WOW!”. Everything said about this company is true! They are outstanding. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

by Masum Koma. on 9/20/2016

I was so happy with the company. They are the greatest with all your financial needs. They are the best company I have worked with and would highly recommend them . They are awesome, friendly and have a wonderful staff . I highly recommend !!!! They have helped me and words can’t express how happy we are ,to be working with a great company

by Parthena on 26/11/2016

You and your company seem to have a back for making ppl angry. You took 129 from my card without my permission…and still do not have ANY of my personal information you asked for so the case could go through and you would work with me. I’ve left messages, so has my mother…this is not acceptable. I told my free consult I don’t have the money to work with this until after the new year. He told me to call back when I was and they would gladly work with me.

by Patricia on 06/11/2016

I am new customer of key credit repair and I can boldly say they are great and I am enjoying their services. I have at one time or the other had cause to deal with other credit firms but I can say the difference is clear. From the Customer Services, the attention I got was exceptional. My credit has been touched and repaired by Key Credit Repair. In a matter of months, my credit points have come alive.

by KingElvis on 21/10/2016

I have been working with Key Credit Repair for some time now and I am very happy with the results. They provide a professional service and they work closely with you to improve your credit. I am proud to say that I that I can now afford a home for me and my family. Awesome job Key Credit Repair! Highly recommend!!

by Sheirly on 16/10/2016

I have been a recent customer of Key Credit Repair and I am very happy with the service they provide. They have been professional, helpful and courteous. Key Credit Repair has done amazing things to my credit. They definitely know what they’re doing and can help you out if you’re having credit problems or just need a bump up in your credit. They can really work some magic! My credit score was in the real low 500’s, and now I am able to buy a home with just my credit. It’s only been 2 short months, and it has jumped well over 100 points. I highly recommend coming to them, if you want magic done to your credit score!

by Alice on 10/10/2016

I’m a new customer of Key Credit Repair so I can strongly say they’re awesome I am also enjoying their services. Key Credit Repair is definitely a professional service. I’m happy with their responses. They respond to my emails and my calls fast. The staff is simple to work with and they are always there to work with you. I have already seen the results of their work. Towards the end of the following month, I will be ready to purchase my own personal house. Great service!!!

by Mary Jones on 25/09/2016

An absolutely amazing experience! In an industry riddled with rip-offs and scam artists, Key Credit Repair really is a great find! The honesty, professionalism and genuine concerns are truly refreshing. They raised my credit score by almost 100 points in 3 months. I AM SO THANKFUL! They answered every message from me in a timely manner and have never rushed me off the phone (like so many people have in the past) and they have gone over and above with both the volume and quality of advice given. I’d absolutely recommend Key Credit Repair to friends and family.

by Newman on 20/09/2016

This is one of the most amazing companies that I have ever dealt with. It’s not just for credit repair, but also credit advice. The people are so helpful and most importantly knowledgeable of the credit industry. I really appreciate how they keep me informed about my credit status. They are concerned about my credit score and they have helped me understand the process and what to do to improve my credit. I would recommend them to anyone. And yes, they have fair and inexpensive rates for all.

by Annie on 20/09/2016

I would and I have recommended Key Credit Repair to so many different people. Nik has brought the reality of my goals so much closer quicker than I ever thought possible.My credit score jumped up 150 pts in 1 month!!!! And Nik is the best…he’s very personable yet professional and he’s HONEST!!!! Trust me it’s worth it!

by Jim on 27/09/2016

Nik helped to fix my credit score to purchase my first home at an affordable cost. Nik is very professional and yet reliable. I would not be able to get an approval without Nik’s help. He’s trustworthy and knows his work. I’ve already recommended my sister to him. Nik’s the best!

by Jim on 22/09/2016