How Key Credit Repair Works

Correct erroneous credit reporting with professional credit restoration services from Key Credit Repair. Whether a lending institution has turned you down or you’re planning on applying for financing, we’re here to help. We’re ready to work with you through each and every credit issue you might have.

Call us today to request a FREE CONSULTATION. Let’s review each line item of your credit profile to better understand what is causing your Bad Credit. Every credit situation is unique and attention to detail is the “key” to credit repair.

We’re Here to Help

Banks and lenders are currently demanding higher credit scores for lending approval. Don’t be caught off guard. Start the credit repair process today with these 3 easy steps……..

Step 1-Free Consultation

Call today. No Contracts or obligations-Start with a free consultation. We are a company with a commitment to service and client relationships. We feel that something as important as someone’s credit profile demands attention to detail. Also, during your consultation your FCRA certified credit consultant we will customize and go over your personal plan of action to start improving your credit score. In addition, you will have a time line with specific dates and expectations for each occurrence in the process, especially the estimated date of completion. Our company offers the following services to ensure we can accommodate any situation:

  • Unlimited dispute of erroneous credit reporting with all 3 credit agencies.
  • Unlimited dispute of erroneous credit information directly with the creditor on file.
  • FREE negotiation and settlement of outstanding collections & charge-offs
  • Debt validation request and audit of all questionable collection reporting via certified mail.
  • Professional advice and credit review analysis
  • FREE 24/7 credit progress report access.
  • Dedicated consultant to guide you through the entire process from A to Z. We will show you how to fix your credit scores the right way!

While most credit repair companies will stagger their work by sending out 5-10 letters per month to prolong the program (ultimately causing you to pay more money $$) Key Credit will work on every negative record you have from day one. Key Credit offers a true unlimited service built for speed and results.

How It Wroks
Step 2-Enrollment

There are no commitments and no up front costs. Every client pays on a month to month basis. The Federal Trade Commission through the Credit Repair Organizations Act is very clear that a company is not allowed to accept fees until services have been rendered.


If you have inquired with companies that have asked you for a sign up fee or money in advance, RUN don’t walk. They are clearly breaking the law. Our service is all about results. Let us prove it to you! Your credit consultant will remain your correspondent throughout the entire process. Our goal is personal service. Don’t fall into the trap of companies that only offer credit repair through email communicating. Your credit is a serious issue. You deserve personal service! You will have unlimited access to your credit consultant and the rest of our staff to discuss any questions or concerns you could have throughout the process.

Step 3-Just Sit Back & Relax

The only thing we require from our clients is that they forward anything received from the creditors and credit reporting agencies to us in a timely manner. The key to the removal of erroneous information is persistence and communication with your consultant. Stick with our system and enjoy an accurate credit profile again…guaranteed!

  • Unlimited dispute letters for all erroneous items with all 3 credit agencies.
  • Unlimited dispute letters for all erroneous items directly with creditors directly.
  • Unlimited dispute and removal of unauthorized credit inquiries.
  • Debt Validation service with all debt collectors.
  • Settlement offers for existing, valid collection debt.
Just Sit Back & Relax