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  • 30% of consumers fall below a 650 FICO score (FHA LOANS)
  • 60% of consumers fall below a 750 FICO score (Top Tier conventional financing)
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Over 1000 new clients assisted each month!

Since 2008 we’ve assisted thousands of clients repair their credit to purchase a home, start a business and even get a school loan. The majority of our clients are interested in purchasing their first home and our service was designed primarily for those clients. Key Credit Repair is the premier credit repair program for more Top Producing realtors, builders and loan officers for their clients than any other credit repair company in the nation.

3 Phases to credit greatness!

With our 3 phased action plan their is no such thing as a “TURN DOWN” anymore. Credit repair can be affordable, practical and in many cases very quick. Attention to detail is everything and that is why we start the process by reviewing your referral’s credit report in detail with them before they enroll. We will then devise a plan of attack to ensure that their credit is brought back to a “bankable” status in the shortest period of time possible.

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