Credit Repair Reviews – Take Them with a Grain of Salt

Credit Repair Reviews It’s just common sense: Before hiring a credit repair company, it’s a good idea to check out their online reputation. Ask for, and check, references. And, take a look at independent reviews to see if others have been happy with their service. But, when you wade into the many consumer reviews online, it’s important to examine what you see with a critical eye. While reviews can give some clues about what to expect, sometimes what you read is too good — or, too bad — to be true.

Check Independent Review Sites

The Better Business Bureau, Yelp and several other sites provide independent reviews of credit repair companies. While credit repair companies should be able to give you references, and will often have their positive reviews posted on their own site, doing a little extra legwork to see what is said elsewhere on the ‘net is a good way to protect yourself.

What Should You Look for in a Credit Repair Review?

Look for details about what sort of service was provided. A review that says that a credit repair company charged in advance and did not help remove inaccuracies, for instance, is a sign to stay away. Also, keep clear of companies that get complaints for making unauthorized charges or that have poor communication. When looking over reviews, look for companies that charged fairly, helped clean up errors on accounts and had clear and consistent communication. These are all signs that you will have a good experience, as well.

Were the Reviewer’s Expectations Reasonable?

Read negative reviews carefully to determine whether the reviewer was expecting more than a credit repair company can reasonably do. A credit repair company does not have the ability to, for instance, eliminate a bankruptcy from your credit report. They also can’t make legitimate debt disappear. It can take some critical reading to separate the reviews that give valuable information about what you can expect if you use the services of this credit repair company. No-Nonsense Review Check List People often leave reviews only when they feel strongly about their experience, whether it was good or bad. So, remember that you are often seeing outlier opinions. However, by cutting through some of the noise, you can gain valuable insights. Look for the following information:

  • How was communication? Did the company respond promptly and clearly to questions?
  • Did the company provide the services promised?
  • Were the charges reasonable?
  • Did the reviewer have reasonable expectations? Remember, credit repair companies can only do what is possible within the limits of the law.
  • Do you feel the reviewer is credible? This is subjective, but, if a review seems off, trust your instincts.

By reading credit repair reviews with a critical eye, you can get valuable information that can help you choose the company that is right for you. For additional information on how to repair your credit, please contact our office at 617-265-7900 or request a free consultation below.