Personal Finance Experts – Top 10!!

Over the years, many people have positioned themselves as experts in personal finance. Some of the ones who have taught people the most about taking control of their finances:

1. JD Roth

JD Roth

Roth started his site Get Rich Slowly to document his journey from tens of thousands of consumer debt toward financial stability. He not only eliminated his debt, he eventually was able to retire on the income from his work as a finance writer.

2. Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey’s famous snowball method has helped millions of couples escape from crushing debt. He’s the author of several books and the host of a popular radio talk show.

3. Suze Orman

Suze Orman

Suze Orman has built a career by addressing women and young people, groups who traditionally have lagged in the area of financial literacy.

4. Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

You may not wish to sell off all your creature comforts so that you can retire and dedicate your life to volunteer work. But, the ideas raised in Your Money or Your Life are a good starting place for examining how much consumer spending affects your quality of life.

5. Amy Dacyczyn

Her newsletter The Tightwad Gazette made frugality hip. By pursuing a low-cost lifestyle, she and many others have gained financial freedom and achieved goals that include travel, debt-free living and home ownership.

6. Trent Hamm

Hamm is another blogger who inspired others with his personal journey to financial stability. On The Simple Dollar, he tells his story of going from a state of complete financial breakdown and severe debt to being debt-free with an emergency account and investments for his future. His site now features the work of a number of individuals who have repaired their credit, eliminated debt and accomplished goals like buying their dream homes.

7. Liz Weston

Weston excels and explaining technical financial concepts to average readers. Her first book, Your Credit Score, taught people the basics of how to manage credit. Many experts consider her 10 Commandments of Money essential reading for financial stability.

8. Clark Howard

On his nationally syndicated talk show, Clark Howard educates consumers on how to get the most for their money, how to avoid debt and, perhaps most importantly, how to spot and avoid a rip-off.

9. Mary Hunt

She started Debt-Proof Living as a print newsletter in 1992. With the rise of the internet, she brought her venture online, creating a supportive community where members can help one another overcome past debts and plan for secure futures.

10. Tom and David Gardner

Many people consider investing too complicated. The Gardner brothers disagree. On their website The Motley Fool they make the case that everyone should learn at least the basics and invest for their future prosperity.